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Through advocacy, education, and research, MOPA works on a State level to improve patient access to quality Orthotic & Prosthetic care.

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MOPA – Michigan Orthotic & Prosthetic Association

“To unite, in common organization, persons, firms and corporations engaged in the business of manufacturing, dealing in and fitting orthopedic and prosthetic appliances, devices and aids for use by physically disabled or handicapped persons in the State of Michigan; to formulate and maintain standards for the guidance of its members in their relations with each other and with the public; and to promote, develop and serve, by all lawful means, the common business interests of its members.

Nothing herein contained shall be deemed to authorize the corporation to engage in any activity or activities which will serve to facilitate the transaction of specific business by its members or promote the private interest of any member. No part of the earnings of the corporation derived through increment of value upon its property or otherwise shall inure to the benefit of any member.

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